How Highster Mobile Works

Highster mobile works by extracting information from the target phone and displaying it on your secure online control panel.

Immediately following your purchase, you will receive an email that will contain your username, password and license key. With this information you will be able to extract information from the target phone and have it displayed on your secure online user control panel. You will need to have possession of the phone you want to monitor for 2-3 minutes to perform the installation procedure. As information is extracted from the target phone it will be uploaded to our secure servers. The application is undetectable on the target phone.

Using the username, password and license key you receive in your email you can login to your secure online user control panel and view the information that has been uploaded to our secure servers. Information that will be available to you includes:

  • Text messages (old and deleted may also be available).
  • Call logs.
  • Call recordings (recording of both sides of every conversation).
  • Emails.
  • Browser history.
  • GPS location (position will be shown on a Google map in five-minute intervals).
  • Social media(Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many other platforms).
  • All installed and running applications.

You will also be able to remotely control the target phone from your secure online control panel. The following functions are available:

  • Remote uninstall of the application.
  • Remotely lock phone (very helpful if device is lost or stolen).
  • Remote picture taking (activate the target phone's camera from a remote location).
  • GPS on command (upload GPS coordinates and show on Google map).

How to Control

  • 1

    You can send commands from the member area to control the target phone, such as backup and wipe phone data, pause application etc.

  • 2

    Your commands are processed by our server and sent to the target phone for execution. Commands are not displayed to the user.

  • 3

    Changes take affect on target phone giving you complete control.

How to Get Started

The first thing you need to do is make sure that Highster Mobile works on the phone you want to monitor. Highster Mobile works on all versions of Android, Apple (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Blackberry and on all networks worldwide. You can go to our Compatibilty page to have a look at a list of all phones that Highster Mobile works on.

Once you know that the phone you want to monitor is compatible with Highster Mobile, you can simply complete the purchase process. Click on any of the BUY NOW buttons to buy Highster Mobile.

After buying Highster Mobile you will receive your Confirmation email which contains your download link, username, password and license key. You will be given easy-to-follow instructions complete with full illustrations clearly explaining how to install the app. If you run into any trouble you can contact our Support Department for help and they will be happy to assist you.

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